Training Courses Offered

IT Basics

Build a solid foundation before you enter the world of Information technology with the knowledge of computers, Microsoft office, world wide web, communications, etc. that help you in finding your career in the IT industry.

IT Process & Workflow

Experience the training and workflow process of the Information Technology Industry Sector from the level of top business executives, project leading management to the role of developing products and services through a life cycle.

Front-end Developer

Involve and transcend yourself with the User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design training and become a full front-end developing expert with web development courses.


Train on how the other side of the web page looks, works, how the web page calls the data from the database. Become a full-fledged back-end developer by learning about programming languages.

Software Testing

Explore the world of software testing courses where the activity of checking the actual results with the expected results of a product or service takes place.

Digital Marketing

Apprentice and master on how to market and connect to customers digitally through the means of digital channels through digital marketing courses.

Basic Research

We specialize and guide in developmental research, Market research, Product research, company research, Industry research, Global trends research and geography-based research.

Soft Skills

Improve your ethics, manager skills, leadership skills, influencing skills and other interpersonal skills through our Soft Skills training course.

Automation Testing

Practice the way to automate the process to test the effectiveness and efficiency of a product or service using automation software, scripts and tools.

Domain Training

Get trained in the basics of business domains like banking, Insurance, Capital Markets, Finance, Healthcare, Risk Management, etc. with the objective of building a strong foundation for your future.


Learn, understand, practice and implement the basics and workings of the most widely used programming language in the world and code your way through the world of Information technology.

Dot Net

Receive .NET training from experts where you can get a vivid picture on how to use the .NET framework in the real-world scenario to meet the latest software trends.


Find the best python programming course for your level and needs from the fundamentals to web development and also to the level of creating your own applications.

Business Analyst

Understand the role of a Business Analyst with business analyst course and how important they are in achieving goals and objectives of the IT company through client needs translation.

Ecommerce Specialization

Take the course of Ecommerce specialization from top-rated business instructors to get to know about how the ecommerce affects wide range of sectors like Retail, travel, technology, finance, and many others.

Machine Learning

Understand the concept of machine learning and learn how the machine approaches and interpret from experience and make predictions based on its experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Improve your ethics, manager skills, leadership skills, influencing skills and other interpersonal skills through our Soft Skills training course.


Grasp and study the principles and practices that revolves around artificial intelligence involving the programming languages, logical algorithms and the domain knowledge needed for solving the problems.